Samsung unveiled a prototype of a 360-degree foldable screen and hinge

Jenita Betsy
Jan 20, 2023

Samsung Display demonstrated its new prototype display and hinge, which can fold inwards and outwards.

The "Flex In & Out" concept enables the hinge to fold the device in 360 degrees while leaving a much less visible crease.

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The prototype was shown to The Verge, but no word on whether the new panel and hinge will be available for commercial use anytime soon.

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The new hinge design allows the device to fold completely rather than leaving a small waterdrop-shaped hole in the crease. The prototype was photographed alongside a Galaxy Z Fold smartphone, revealing that it will be as thick as the current foldable.

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A device without a cover display would be possible with such a design. As a result, there will be more room for larger batteries and camera sensors without making the phone too thick. Let's hope it makes it into a commercial product soon.

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