5 Racist Things You Never Knew as a White

NC Team Sep 15, 2021

NC Team

1. Band-Aid

Is designed as skin colour sticker that do not cause embarrassment while hiding your cut. Skin colour. Duh?

2. Usage of word - Black

Blackguard, Blackmail, Blackmark, Blackhand... I can go on and on, but you might bored and BlackList my articles.

3. Hollywood Movie's infusing black actor into a story for no reason (And video games, too)

All the thugs in Batman movies. Gloria in Madagascar. Isaac Dixon in Last Of Us 2. Pixar dehumanizing black characters.

While I agree that 12 Years a Slave, Get Out, Django are the movies how blacks should be portrayed. But don't you think the whole black panther is utter nonsense, a movie created just seem like Marvel going 'Oops they found out! Lets cook a black superhero movie that Stan Lee wrote and threw away'? Who white-washed lion king? In a story like lion king which is set to happen in black soil, Seth Rogen is supposed to be the antagonist. Not the other way around, Hollywood!

4. Subtle Political Racism from Millions of Years ago to Millennial Whites

How Aryan Veganism intruded East Indian food culture as Vegetarianism and Western White's Veganism?