2022's Top Password Managers

Suji Sugathan
Jul 29, 2022

With the use of password managers, you may store your passwords securely and have access to them whenever you need it.

Discover the top password managers on the market, along with a useful table that allows you to see each one's greatest attributes.

ROBOFORM with Rating 9.8/10

Passwords are synced between all devices. Access websites with a single click. The dominant password manager app on the market. With just one click, RoboForm securely stores all of your passwords and logs you in (or tap). With AutoFill for lengthy web forms, you can save time while entering personal and billing information.

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1PASSWORD with Rating 9.5/10

Real-time warnings of security breaches. Easily save many passwords. Secure sharing of vaults. Friendly Assistance, Saves passwords and enables one-click login to any website. Create secure, one-of-a-kind passwords for all of your accounts, then tap or click to log in. Save anything you want, including confidential documents and SSH keys, secure notes, and logins.

NORDPASS with Rating 9.1/10

Create, save, and sync strong passwords. Biometrics and MFA can help you protect your vault. Search for password leaks in data breaches. One of the most sophisticated password managers available Store passwords in one location and quickly sign in to your favourite websites and apps. You may access your login information on any device, even while you're offline, using the NordPass password manager.

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LOGME ONCE with Rating 9/10

There are more features in the free, expertly rebuilt LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium than any rival, premium or free. Do you actually need all of those features, though? Syncs with iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Linux. Several options exist for authentication. Credit card information is filled up and displayed in Secure Wallet. Updated, simplified interface. Several features, many of them distinctive.

DASHLANE with Rating 8.9/10

VPN service with no cost. Continuous security alarms. A security architecture patent from the US. Available strong encryption. Securely stores each user's password. While you browse the web, Dashlane safely stores and automatically fills in all of your personal information and payment information. For over 14 million users, Dashlane provides simple, safe, and secure internet access.

LASTPASS with Rating 8.6/10

Lives are being lived online. Work and play friends and family. Your digital life is conveniently and securely at your fingertips thanks to LastPass. automate all of your passwords. Dark web surveillance. Using two factors to authenticate, Budget-friendly, affordable with outstanding features.

KEEPER with Rating 8.3/10

Strong, random passwords are generated by KeeperFill and are autofilled into your websites and apps. Identity and Payment Details, For quicker checkout on websites and applications, securely scan and store your credit or debit cards. Share Information Securely, Create, share, and maintain records in a secure manner with loved ones, friends, and coworkers.

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AVIRA with Rating 8.2/10

Secure, user-friendly, and offering limitless password storage across numerous devices is Avira Password Manager Free. It supports mobile device biometric login, zero-knowledge policy, 256-bit AES encryption, and a built-in TOTP authenticator. Data breach monitoring and vault security auditing are features that come with the subscription edition of the programme.

Bitwarden with Rating 8.1/10

With surprisingly few restrictions, the open-source Bitwarden's free tier completes all common password management functions. Security and storage tools are added in its paid tier for a really low price for the market. Its has apps available for all widely used platforms and browsers. Free tier and reasonably priced premium option. It allows for multiple-factor authentication. The Send Sharing option works well.

PassHub with Rating 7.9/10

A peculiar cloud-based Although WWPass PassHub is extremely safe and works on all platforms, it does not automatically record or replay passwords. If security is more important to you than convenience, this is a good password manager.



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