In 2022, the Best educational YouTube channels for children

Suji Sugathan
Jul 29, 2022

Looking for the top children's YouTube channels in 2022?

Here are some of our favourite entertaining and instructive YouTube channels for kids.

Bright Side - 42.9 million subscribers

Instead of specifying an age range for its target audience, Bright Side adopted the mission of "inspiration, innovation, [and] amazement." The word fascinating, as in, there is always something haphazardly interesting to watch here, may be the best way to describe it.

Riddles and brainteasers are interspersed with diverse science and psychology factoids. Bright Side is the place for you if you've ever pondered what would happen if a baseball were to strike the International Space Station at light speed or how to survive in a black hole.

For older children and teens.

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Kid's Learning Tube - 1.27 million subscribers

A wealth of instructive videos, each of which focuses on a certain subject, may be found on Kids Learning Tube.

Kids Learning Tube mixes creative sing-along instructional songs with animation for a joyful learning environment on topics like Earth Day, vegetables, and anxiety.

"Earth Science," "Famous Inventors," "Motivational Songs for Kids," and many other playlist categories are included.

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Ted-Ed - 16.4 million subscribers

Exists time, or not? Why are trees needed in cities? Why isn't there faeces all over the place?

These and other frequently asked questions by kids are addressed in gorgeously animated movies on TED-Ed, the website that hosts the TED presentations.

Look for TED-multi-episode Ed's series, such as There's a Poem for That and Think Like a Coder, and search the playlists for topics like "Love" or "Superhero Science."

The majority of preteens will enjoy this channel, but many of the videos are also suitable for younger children.

Netflix Jr. - 10.1 million subscribers

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It might seem unusual to mention Netflix, yet they have a number of the most well-liked children's educational programmes now produced, including Ada Twist, Scientist, Octonauts, and StoryBots. On Netflix Jr., you may follow Dottie Culpepper as she teaches youngsters how to become a ranger or join the StoryBots as they explain how a cold virus spreads. 

Even a seven-minute fitness DVD is available to keep the youngsters occupied while Mom works out.

SciShow Kids - 768k subscribers

In SciShow Kids, Jessi the host and Squeaks the rat robot teach kids how to find the answers to their most pressing queries. Among the sample topics are "How Do Temporary Tattoos Work?" and "Why Do Planes Leave White Streaks in the Sky?" For kids in kindergarten through fourth grade, SciShow Kids is ideal.

Art for Kids Hub - 5.67 million subscribers

Every week, Rob, a father of four, posts brand-new painting classes for children in elementary school on the Art for Kids Hub YouTube Channel. There is an app for that if you need even more inspiration for art. The Art for Kids Hub family has a website where they sell booklets with how-to instructions and supply recommendations outside of YouTube.

Cosmic Kids Yoga - 1.28 million subscribers

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Follow Jaime through kid-friendly yoga routines and engaging storytelling (Frozen, Moana, Trolls, Minecraft, Star Wars). Additionally, there are exercises and suggestions for relaxing organised by age group. Kids in Pre-K through 6th grade can benefit greatly from Cosmic Kids Yoga as a fitness resource.

Nat Geo Kids - 607k subscribers

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The Nat Geo Kids YouTube channel is a terrific resource for kids of all ages and is the official location for National Geographic's flagship children's magazine. Subchannels include Party Animals (animal bloopers), Things You Wanna Know, and competitors for the Best Job Ever. 

Continue it with the Explorer Academy collection of extremely brief (usually under five minute) educational videos covering topics like underwater creatures and cave artwork.

Khan Academy Kids - 123k subscribers

Khan Academy Kids, the popular app's online cousin, is geared for young children to the beginning of primary school. On Mondays, stories and activities are featured on Khan Academy's Circle Time playlist, in contrast to some of the main channel videos that are intended for parents or teachers.

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