This is how an electric vehicle ought to appear! The amenities are available! The arrow is fantastic

Suji Sugathan
Nov 24, 2022

Mercedes-Benz is currently ramping up its efforts on the electrified front. On an electric base, it intends to build such rare and unusual vehicles. EQ will be the name given to the ready electric vehicles.

 The EQC, a vehicle from Benz, had previously been introduced. Recently, Mercedes introduced the EQS, a car that is similar.

The S-Class automobile is available in an electric variant. It is EQS because of this. I departed for Pune to drive the Benz EQS 580 4Matic with my army, with eQE and EQB automobiles on the horizon.

From its factory in Chakan, Pune, the drive began. I awoke quietly the day after Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari unveiled and officially launched the EQS 580 4Matic.

The first aerodynamic automobile ever made!

The EVA2 Architecture platform, which was created especially for electric vehicles, is being used to create EQS. It was introduced with many market-first features. Over and above what India... The term "world's first" is attached to the EQS 580 4Matic. It is aerodynamic. For these sedans, aerodynamic design is typically the most crucial factor. They only consider the CD Value, a drag coefficient. Its measurement in that regard is 0.20Cd. It's a size that breaks records.

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Design with aerodynamics!

Pence has witnessed a variety of things, in order to break the air apart. Low-slung roof, slanting Clam Shell bonnet...It reaches the door handles of the car. To avoid affecting the aerodynamics, even its handles have a flush type design. It will instantly disappear within the automobile when it drives away.

They are typically instructed to open the car bonnet during the inspection while visiting star hotels. Its fitting hood made opening it impossible. That is, it cannot have its battery removed. I was unsure of how to water the windshield wipers during the rainy season at the time. A popout flap on the side of the car has been used to present the option. When I first saw this, I mistook it for a charging point.

We must inform you of its headlights. It has around 13 lakh pixels. This headlight made of crystal is really brilliant. Watch careful for lighting on the Pune highway at night; it is only about 400 metres distant. There are tiny stars on the planked-out Faux grill in place of the Air Dam. This was lifted from various EQ automobiles.

The large 20-inch fashionable alloy wheels are excellent. Whenever you glance at the side of this car. It floats about like a large boat. Its length exceeds five metres. This automobile appears to be an arrow poised to leave the bow when viewed from the top viewpoint. Pence claims that's how he pulled it off.

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The boot is visible in space eQS 580 4Matic despite the back side being a little naive. It holds 610 litres. There is still space even if I lie down with my leg slightly bent. It will be a blast to see the large tour. Some vehicles come equipped with a spare tyre or battery. Therefore, you will have to make a boot space sacrifice. Here, it's not like that.

Additionally, the 107.8kW battery pack's placement has been documented. It is also great how it was constructed as a pouched pack or cylinder battery. The battery is only 708 kg in weight.

Overall, this pencil's outer design could have used a little more aggression. However, similar to the chocolate guy, this EQS 580 4Matic is as adorable and soft as a child enjoying a candy cane.


The large 56-inch touch screen is what initially draws our attention as we get into the car. Have you noticed any touch screens in the vehicle? the large hyperscreen that runs from the right biller of the car to its left A-pillar! It is split into three halves; there is nothing else. The main's centre measurement is 17.7 inches. Every co-driver has access to a touch screen. 12.3 inches are distributed among them for each.

Tablet for the back passenger

Benz's favourite MBUX screen also features a message that breaks records. The response is frenzied since there are more than 12 different types of actuators. If you reach out and touch me, the screen operates more easily. They accomplished this using powerful processors and RAM. A single glass panel with a curvature is the best. To prevent scratches on this touch screen, you must take care.

The glovebox is not very large. However, there is a substantial shelf area underneath the floating centre console. Interior is finished For all S classes!

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Generally speaking, vehicles like the Benz S-Class are referred to be chauffeur-driven vehicles. However, this Pence EQS It excels as a driving vehicle as well. For the driver up front, there is so much luxury.

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The back has cooled seats as well. In this segment, this car has the most wheels. The area is just spacious at 3,210 mm. Legs can be spread widely while you are sitting. The head does not hit the roof, despite the coupe style. There is only one thing; you simply have to stoop down a little to enter because of the low roof. just till you enter the building. Drop the armrest and adjust the headrest... If the tiny Samsung MBUX tablet inside of it continues to ogle it, Different levels of comfort exist. There doesn't seem to be much more luxury than this. All of it offers good back and thigh support. But no wide chairs are available. 

Amenities, opulence

Beyond the cooled seats in the front are massage chairs for the driver and the go driver. Massages exhibit a wide range of variations. Traveling while massaging your feet and back is possible. Do you not drive a large vehicle? fantastic sunroofs If you adjust the ambient lighting, it will appear to be in a restaurant at night.

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The voice command system is a bonus. Everything may be controlled on this screen, including 3D maps, turn-by-turn navigation, voice commands, car settings, massaging seats, and ambient lighting. No matter what we ask for, this EQS will provide for us just saying "Hey Mercedes."

For the driver, there is also a face recognition feature. You only need to use a powered, set chair to adjust your seat.

Transport and Handling

The elegance of this Benz EQS is its greatest asset. I can sense the sanctum sanctorum's sound. Only when the car is moving too quickly! Such tranquilly Active Noise Compensation technology is present (ANC).

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It has an airmatic multi-chamber adaptable suspension. It changes automatically based on how we drive. There is a managed ride available. If some affected individuals travel on dangerous roadways, EQS had little trouble with "That Dadal." There is only one issue, which is that it has very low ground clearance. How is a standard of 125 mm for our Indian roads? The bottom battery pack is different. Every time the mind encounters a speed breaker, it flutters.

However, Benz also offers a fantastic solution for this. The height of the car can be increased by speed breakers. It has a touch screen for control. Only 15 mm may be loaded into it. The speed support automatically falls after the speed breaker is finished. Additionally, it incorporates a geo-tagged automatic loading and landing system.

I figured it would be challenging to make a U-turn even though it's a massive 5-meter car like a boat. But... No! They are taking precautions to prevent a significant increase in its turning radius. As a result, you can quickly make a u-turn, just like a small hatchback. Jarrena is able to ascend the Lonavala hill road in Pune because it is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

The section first facility is another of the favourites. A steering wheel is also accessible on the back wheel. In other words, the back wheels likewise make a 10 degree turn. It is therefore practical to leave the cities, park in constrained spaces, and do quick U-turns. (However, Benz claimed that this option was only for the first 500 customers who were in front! Please reserve it immediately.

Even though it is a large car that weighs 2.5 tonnes, it is still in use in the city. The four sides are also all discs. It cannot be argued, however, that its breaking feedback is similarly excellent. Even still, it might have been superior.

Performance, Range, and Battery

The longest-range electric automobile in India is this one. Its Arai range is 857 kilometres, that is true! Emmadiov! If it travels between 650 and 700 kilometres in actual time... I'm done now! Depending on the driving, it varies. Additionally, it differs based on the driving modes.

The big battery pack inside is what gives it its extraordinary range. A lithium-ion battery with a 107.8kWh capacity powers it. This costs nearly four times as much as an ordinary electric hatchback car. This battery has a 396V voltage.

There are two electric synchronous motors in it. All 4 axles receive energy transmission from it. You will then have 523 bhp of overall power. This costs six times as much as a hatchback vehicle.

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Additionally, it is unknown to deviate from the signal; Additionally unknown is flying over roadways; it doesn't appear to overtake; and the southern brakes are not discernible. It is unnecessary to discuss driving a car with such great power and torque individually. In a nutshell, the Benz EQS 580 4Matic pulls off the miracle. It takes 4.3 seconds to reach 100 kilometres. And it is the athletic craze. Compared to driving an S-class, it is more sporty.

To apply the brakes Additionally, working with Regent is fantastic. Many people may wonder, "What is the pad shifter for?" when they think of an electric vehicle. The Regent mode will be supported, nevertheless. So I did. Awesome!

Power is transferred from the motor to the wheels... On the screen, there are numerous items that are almost charged. Driving and watching on the cluster are enjoyable. However, there is an opportunity to divert attention from the road during this enthusiasm.

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In addition, there are numerous safety measures, including 9 airbags and ADAS Level-2 (which includes lane keeping assist, emergency braking system, multi-collision warning, blind spot, etc.). Additionally, EQS received a 5-star rating in the recent euro NCap crash test. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about safety.


If you use an 11kW AC wallbox charger at home to charge it, it will take roughly 10 hours to reach 80% of its capacity. The following stage involves using a 22kW charger. You can cut charging time in half.

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In just 31 minutes, you can charge 10-80% while using a 220kW DC charger. At the time of dining, a tiffin can be loaded with 80% charge and fly for roughly 350 miles. However, how does Pence get to this billing system?

First Decision

Priced roughly Rs 90 lakh cheaper than the previously released EQ 53 AMG, the Benz has introduced the EQ 53 AMG (Rs 2.45 crore). Not only is it less expensive, but the Benz EQS 580 4Matic is held to a higher standard due of the lower aerodynamic track level (AMG: 0.23cd). In terms of luxury, safety, speed, refinement, range, amenities, huge touch screens, rear-wheel steering access, and adjustable air suspension, Benz does not fall short. Additionally, the cost. For Rs. 1.55 crore, Merck has taken over this job. Because of the low ground clearance, our stomach doesn't get upset until an automobile costing several crores of rupees bumps into the underside. He may have improved his breaking skills as well. Beyond this, this Benz EQS 580 is the ideal, quiet, and practical option for electric lovers considering a 4Matic, S-Class!

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