McLaren's First Electric Vehicle Is A High-End Scooter

Jenita Betsy
Dec 03, 2022

There is no point in debating because electrification is the way of the future and every automaker will eventually have to make the transition. McLaren has this week fully committed to its first EV, a battery-powered scooter that it claims would "redefine" personal mobility, while Ferrari may be hinting at its aspirations to electrify its vehicles with hybrids like the SF90.

Let's start off by saying that this won't be referred to as a McLaren scooter so that all you label chasers can stop. Instead, a completely new brand called Lavoie was created by the British company.

Second, Lavoie is being established as a division of McLaren Applied, which is similar to Porsche Design in that it is McLaren's contract engineering company. McLaren Applied provides its technical know-how to other businesses or industries that require engineering support.

What the hell do we have here now that the administrative stuff is over?

The new personal mobility brand Lavoie was developed by McLaren Applied. Eliott Wertheimer, Albert Nassar, and Richard Clarke, a former F1 engineer, are leading it. The trio aims to bolster the personal mobility market with their collective motorsport experience and opulent touches.

The Series 1 scooter from Lavoie is the company's first offering.

The suspension of a top-tier race car, according to McLaren Applied, served as inspiration for the Series 1's foldable electric scooter. The deck and stem both fold in half when a button is pressed. The scooter weights 36 pounds with all the engineering needed to make this precise folding possible and stable.

The scooter also has a set of thick tyres to help it absorb road jolts and bumps, and it has a battery that can go 31 miles on a single charge. Additionally, there are indicators built into the handlebars and a stylish-looking triangular light up front.

The Series 1 features an app that lets you follow your scooter's whereabouts and set off an alarm that is built into the vehicle if you suspect theft, just like any modern EV worth its salt.

Everything seems incredibly cool and pricey. Lavoie and Mclaren Applied have not yet disclosed any pricing information. The availability of both will be made known "in the upcoming weeks."

  • McLaren's First Electric Vehicle Is A High-End Scooter
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