India's EV Revolution may bear fruit by 2030, according to a survey

Jenita Betsy
Dec 05, 2022

According to a private consumer expectations poll conducted on Monday, 66% of Indians believe that by 2030, electric vehicles would outnumber gasoline and diesel automobiles. The survey revealed that 57% of Indian consumers want to invest in EVs because of their practical advantages, while 56% want to buy an EV because it is environmentally friendly.

In the survey conducted by ACKO and YouGov India, 1018 respondents from NCCS A and B households between the ages of 28 and 40 who either owned an electric vehicle or planned to purchase one within the next twelve months were polled.

60% of those surveyed think India needs to make significant improvements to its public infrastructure in order to accept electric automobiles. However, the study also showed that 89% of participants believe India will have the necessary EV infrastructure in place by 2030.

Over the past few years, experts and researchers have cited India's subpar EV infrastructure as the main cause of the lower penetration of EVs in the nation.

“62% of intenders are concerned about gasoline price increases, while 57% of them are drawn to cutting-edge technology. 51% of respondents claimed that operating an EV is less expensive than utilising a gasoline or diesel vehicle.

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In fact, according to 48% of the owners, EVs are more economical per mile than conventional vehicles, the statement claimed.

Sand is the most practical method for putting out an EV fire, according to 63% of poll respondents, who were unaware of this fact. For instance, 66% of respondents believe that batteries only last between two and five years. The good news is that 8 out of 10 people correctly understand that charging habits affect an EV's battery life.

The survey emphasises the urgent need to raise public awareness of EVs and various EV-related issues.

According to the automobile dealers' organisation FADA, the nation's total retail sales of EVs, including passenger cars, increased by nearly 185% on a yearly basis to 1,11,971 units in October. In October 2021, there were 39,329 electric vehicle sales.

  • India's EV Revolution may bear fruit by 2030
  • according to a survey
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