An EV with a fake manual transmission was created by Lexus

Suji Sugathan
Dec 08, 2022

The business included it in a UX crossover. Not exactly a fan favourite among experts.

Nearly no cars today have manual transmissions. You have to recognise that the switch to EVs will probably mean the end of shifting oneself, even if you overlook the fact that less than 2% of cars on the road now have manual transmissions. 

Toyota wants to change that, therefore the business is displaying a prototype electric vehicle with a manual shifter.

Watch Lexus's Weird EV Manual 'Gearbox' In Action

The company has spent the past several days demonstrating a unique Lexus UX 300e model to journalists in Europe. The compact electric crossover isn't offered in the United States and isn't all that exciting in its standard configuration, but this model includes a replica shifter and clutch to give the driver a feel for classic engagement. 

When the driver reaches the far end of the phoney tachometer, they can change gears and, if they make a bad shift, even stall the electric vehicle. Watching the EVO driving video is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Lexus Built an EV With a Fake Manual Transmission

Electric vehicles typically only have one or two forward gears, so it is unlikely that this technology will be beneficial for next popular EVs. 

The technique may really be used on a production BEV if the development work is successful, according to Lexus, which claims it is developing the concept to build more engaging EVs. Although we are unsure if a virtual shifter could ever satisfy our needs, we would be open to giving it a try.

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