Sing Along To Your Favorite Songs With Apple Music

Jenita Betsy
Dec 08, 2022

As people gather for end-of-year celebrations, Apple Music is introducing a new feature that will let you and your pals to sing along to your favourite tunes.

Apple Music Sing allows users to customise a song's vocals and provides a better beat-by-beat lyric display, both of which draw from the platform's sizable song library. Apple anticipates that the outcome will be a simple invitation to karaoke.

Display lyrics have been improved, moving from line-by-line to syllable-by-syllable, and the backup vocals have also been separated and animated independently.

Depending on who is singing in a duet, the lyrics move from the left to the right side of the screen, making it simpler for you to plan your time.

Some users might desire to take the song's lead and have their own spotlight moment on stage. Others could envision obtaining a vocal boost and performing a duet with their favourite performer.

On all of our platforms, you'll be able to change the vocals and sing along with lyrics that are displayed in real time. It's all part of the lyrical experience, which is very fantastic and a lot of fun, according to Newman.

Apple Music also offers over 50 playlists, including anything from pop and country music to a decade-wide playlist and various topics.

Later this month, Apple Music Sing will be accessible for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV models.

This year, the streamer also made Apple Music Replay compatible. Users can view and hear charts of the top songs, albums, artists, and playlists from the previous year as well as the overall number of minutes spent using the service. Superfans can now check to see if they are among the top 100 listeners of their preferred artist or genre.

In October, Apple Music reached a significant milestone by adding its 100 millionth song to the streaming service, capping off a successful year for the company. That surpasses the 80 million songs on YouTube Music, the 82 million tracks and podcasts on Spotify, and the 90 million songs on Amazon Music.

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