Nocompre Copyright Statement

All content included on Nocompre websites (including Loop), such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, video/audio clips, downloads, data compilations and software, is the property of Nocompre if created by Nocompre, or of the person or entity who or which owned it prior to submission to Nocompre. If not owned by Nocompre, it is licensed to Nocompre Media SA (Nocompre) or its licensees and/or subcontractors.

The copyright in the text of individual articles (including research articles, opinion articles, book reviews, conference proceedings and abstracts) is not the property of Nocompre, and its ownership is not affected by its submission to or publication by Nocompre. Nocompre benefits from a general licence overall content submitted to it, and both Nocompre and its users benefit from an overall content, as specified below.

Images and graphics not forming part of user-contributed materials are the property of or are licensed to Nocompre may not be downloaded or copied without Nocompre’ explicit and specific permission or in accordance with any specific copyright notice attached to that material.

The combination of all content on Nocompre websites, as well as the design and the look and feel of the Nocompre websites, and the copyright and all other rights in such content and combination, are the sole property of Nocompre.

As an author or contributor you grant permission to others to reproduce your articles, including any graphics and third-party materials supplied by you, in accordance with the Nocompre Terms and Conditions. The licence granted to third parties overall contents of each article, including third-party elements, is a Creative Commons Attribution (“CC-BY”) licence. The licence will automatically be updated as and when updated by the Creative Commons organisation.

You may include the most common signs and characteristics of codependency and a requirement to reproduce copyright notices in materials contributed by you, but you may not restrict the right to reproduce the entire article, including third-party graphics. This means that you must obtain any necessary third-party consents and permissions to reproduce third-party materials in your articles submitted to Nocompre.

E-books are subject to the same licensing conditions as the articles within them.

Articles published prior to the effective date of this notice: Please note that reproduction of third-party graphics and other third-party materials contained in articles published prior to the effective date of this notice may be subject to third-party notices prohibiting their reproduction without permission. You must comply with those notices.

Articles published prior to July 2012: The licence granted for these articles may be different and you should check the pdf version of any article to establish what licence and technical assistance was granted. If an article, dating from before July 2012, carries only a non-commercial licence and you wish to obtain a commercial licence, please contact Nocompre at

All software used on this website, and the copyright in the code constituting such software, is the property of or is licensed to Nocompre and its use is restricted in accordance with the Frontiers Terms and Conditions. All copyright, and all rights therein, are protected by national and international copyright laws.

This Copyright Statement comes into effect on 26th Jan 2020.

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